Types of Slate Stones to Make a Place of Your Dreams

Slate Stone

Slate Stone Manufacturer

Slate Stone is the famous stone in the natural stone industry. We can also say this stone as naturally split stone available in grey & brown colors used for flooring, wall cladding etc. Imperial Exports India is the Manufacturer and Supplier of Slate Stones in India widely popular for interior/ exterior decorations. Slate Stones itself can differ in phrase of its physical attributes. Slate Stones can have many purposes in construction industry. Our company works with professional stone experts to produce one of the best qualities of stones in India. If you are buying slate stone for your different kind of projects so you should discuss about what you have specific needs that can match with your interior. Once Slate Stone is installed, you just need to maintain slate stone and products properly. We also advice our customers and provide some tips how to maintain this natural stones.

Slate Stone Supplier

We can provide you our different range of products in Sandstone such as A Red Natural Slate Stone, Black Beauty Slate Stone, Black slate Natural Slate Stone, Chocolate Slate Stone, Chocolate Natural Slate Stone, Copper Slate Stone, Desert Fire Slate Stone, Golden Slate Stone, Golden Green Slate Stone, Green mac Natural Slate Stone, Grayslake Natural Slate Stone, Himachal White Slate Stone, Indian Autumn Slate Stone, Jack Multicolor Slate Stone, J Black Natural Slate Stone, Kota Blue Slate Stone, Kota Brown Slate Stone, Kota Honey Slate Stone, Kund Multicolor Slate Stone, Misty Green Slate Stone, Misty Green 2 Slate Stone, Multicolor Mau Slate Stone, Multicolor Peacock Slate Stone, Multicolor Red Slate Stone, Multicolor Rustic Slate Stone, Nag green Natural Slate Stone, New green Natural Slate Stone, Ocean Green 1 Slate Stone, Ocean Green 2 Slate Stone, Ocean Green 3 Slate Stone, Pure Pink Slate Stone, Rajah Multicolor Slate Stone, Sanjani Natural Slate Stone, Silver Grey Slate Stone, Silver Shine Slate Stone, Taj Rose Slate Stone, Terrared Natural Slate Stone, Terrared Polished Slate Stone and Vijay gold Natural Slate Stone.

Slate Stone Exporter

This is one of the best ways to create a beautiful interior with our offered natural beauty. Slate Stone is perfectly manufactured by us, providing it with an eye-catching natural look that can suit any interior styles. This Natural stone has strong base that can used with your exterior and interior. You can also avail our sandstone in different colors and sizes. The various ranges of colors of slate stones make it so beautiful. This is also flexible so you can create your design easily. This classic style of Natural Stone can available with high grade quality. It’s perfectly and practically beautiful. The excellent features of slates can complete your design perfectly. We have been able to provide our customers a wide array of Slate Stone. Moreover, we have these stunning natural stones in different colors, designs, sizes, thicknesses and shapes.

Slate Stone Colors
This grade is used to produce tiles for floors, wall cladding and countertops. Imperial Exports India is also offering customized stone products that are available with eye catching and Aesthetic appeal and unique cuts. We provide our products in bulk quantity. This is mainly used in floor designs, wall cladding, flooring tiles, swimming pools, garden areas etc. The finishes of Slate Stone is available in Natural, Polished, Honed, Calibrated, Chamfer, Flamed, Sandblasted and Both side Natural. Imperial Exports India also have the large collection of Slate Stone Tiles, Slate Stone Slabs, Slate Stone Chips, Slate Stone Strips, Slate Stone Paving, Slate Stone flooring tiles and many more. This is widely used for large scale commercial and residential building construction. Our products are also supplied to the other countries such as United Kingdom, United States and Russia.
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