Granite is a hard, igneous rock formed from magma. It is primarily composed of Quartz(35%), Feldspar(45%) & Potassium. Granites come in a variety of colours ranging from pink to dark gray or even black, depending on their chemistry and mineralogy. India produces about 110 varieties of granite.

Used As:

  1. Construction stones
  2. Background for carvings and lettering
  3. Building slabs
  4. Tiles (wall and floor)
  5. Surface plates
  6. Monuments
  7. Kitchen Top Counters
  8. Memorials
  9. Vases and Furniture


  1. Hardness and toughness
  2. Ability to withstand weathering for centuries
  3. Ability to be polished to a glossy finish
  4. Elegance & Versatility
  5. Aesthetically appealing
  6. Maintenance free
  7. Scratch-resistant
  8. Amenability to cutting
  9. Ability to yield thin and large slabs

Historical Applications:

  • The Red Pyramid of Egypt
  • Temples in South India
  • Mount Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota

Types of Granite Available

Black Granite

Absolute Black
Black Galaxy
Black Pearl
Indian Impala
Irish Black

Blue Granite

Blue Pearl
Crystal Blue
Himalayan Blue
Lavender Blue
Platinum Blue
Ruby Blue
S K Blue
Sapphire Blue

Brown Granite

Cherry Brown
Choco Brown
Coffee Brown
Copper Silk
Desert Brown
G D Brown
Icon Brown
Sapphire Brown
Tan Brown
Tiger Skin

Gray Granite

Bala Flower
Sadarali Grey
Sierra Grey
Steel Grey

Green Granite

Apple Green
Desert Green
Emerald Pearl
Green Galaxy
Hassan Green
Kuppam Green
Mokalsar Green
Nagina Green
Raniwara Green
Surf Green

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